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Ayurvedic Health Counselor Internship

Classes and Curriculum Marc Teaching

Students participate in a 10 day intensive prior to the start of internship. This intensive takes place on-site in Nevada City.  Additional weekend classes take place throughout the internship program on a monthly basis. These weekend classes can be attended live in-person or live over the internet.

Ten Day Intensive Curriculum

  • Diagnostics: During this 2-day hands-on diagnostics program, students will solidify their ability to identify the prakruti and vikruti of the patient.
  • Community-Based Education Class: During this 5-day program, students will learn how to provide a six-week community-based educational program. Community based teaching materials are provided and based on Dr. Halpern's book: Healing Your Life, Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda.
  • Internship Preparation Class: During this 3-day program, students will learn how to do the proper documentation when performing consultations and evaluations. Students will also begin to explore how to set up a counseling practice. 

Monthly Classes

  • Module 1: Teaching Diet, Healthy Eating Guidelines, and Food Combining to Patients
  • Module 2: Ayurvedic Counseling Skills
  • Module 3: Practice Management 1: Writing a business and marketing plan
  • Module 4: Teaching Lifestyle and Sensory Therapies to Patients
  • Module 5: Case Presentations


  • On Site: Students may perform their internship at CCA's patient clinic.
  • Off Site: Students may perform their internship in their own communities through our Field Internship Program.


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