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Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist Classes and Curriculum

Classes and Curriculum Marc Teaching

Students participate in an intensive prior to the start of internship. The intensive takes place on-site in Nevada City. Additional classes take place throughout the internship and are held two days each month. These classes can be attend live in-person or live over the internet.

Internship Preparation Intensive

  • Advanced Pulse Diagnosis:  Students learn how to identify the subtle qualities of the pulse called the guruvadi gunas. This allows for more detailed diagnosis and treatment.
  • Clinical Documentation: Students learn proper case management and documentation skills when working with the symptoms of disease as well as observe a consultation.

Monthly Classes

  • Module 1: One day is spent on learning how to design Panchakarma Programs. The second day takes students deeper into an exploration of how to become successful after graduation,. This program is called the Yoga of Success.  
  • Modules 2-5: Case presentations and Advanced Clinical Study:
    • Case Presentations: Students present real cases to their classmates. A discussion of the case is facilitated by our faculty. Students and faculty provide input into case management in order to enhance the learning experience of the intern.
    • Advanced Study: Students will study the management of cancer, the management of Attention Deficit Disorder and advanced panchakarma case management.


  • Students may chose to do their internships in the college's community clinic or may perform their internships off site in their own communities through our Field Internship Program.


Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist training is considered advanced practitioner training. As such, interns earn an income during their internship program. Interns earn at least $50.00 per patient visit allowing interns to earn a minimum of $2500.00 during their internship program.

Patient Visit Requirements

Each internship requires the student to complete a minimum of 50 patient visit consultations. Most students exceed the minimum requirements during their six-month program.