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Ayurveda and self-healing: Ayurvedic Oracle from August 2013

Letter from the President

July is always a busy month at CCA as so many of our students come to visit the College from far away to attend the multitude of special body therapy courses that we offer. Ayurvedic Massage and Marma Therapy course were completely sold out. Ragaia Belovarac led that massage training which included training shirodhara and svedana. This group of therapies, affectionately called "Bliss Therapy", is a mainstay at ayurvedic spas throughout the world.  Ragaia also taught the dough basti class, one of his favorite techniques where the students learn to build dams of dough that hold warm herbal oils. These are built over chakras as well as the glands of the body. There is even one built over the eyes that hold herbal ghee. 

 Meanwhile I taught the marma therapy class. Marma points are considered the mother of all point therapy systems in the world predating even Chinese acupuncture. Our students learn how to use massage oil, essential oils and pranic healing in the treatment of these points. I look forward to the advanced marma training course September 30th to October 4th.  Sylvia Disney took our students through their training in providing ayurvedic facials as well as pinda svedana. Pinda svedana is the use of warm rice boluses that are soaked in herbal oil and then used for massage. This treatment combines medicated oils and heat and is truly wonderful for back and joint pains. 

 As we move into August, I am preparing for my annual trip to the Sivananda Yoga Camp in Quebec, Canada for two weeks where Marisa Laursen and I teach Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy. Students will learn the traditional knowledge about how to use yoga to support the healing process.  We are also gearing up for fall enrollment into our Level 1 training program. This class is already filling up quickly.

 Summer time is upon us. Stay cool, especially if you have a pitta imbalance. Drink lots of room temperature cucumber and mint water or some cool hibiscus tea. Avoid hot spices at this time of the year. If you have a more vata nature, this is the time of the year to use more oil on your body so that you don't get dried out during the fall.  An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure!

 May you be healthy, happy and whole as you walk this journey through life. May your heart be open to the love of the world around you. May your mind be open to the light of Truth. And may both your heart and your mind know peace.

 Be Well, Be Kind, Be Love,

Dr. Marc Halpern 

Article of the Month

Health at Every Age

All of life flows like the seasons, a perpetual cycle where what is normal (healthy) today flows into what is normal (healthy) for tomorrow. Health is not a static way of being but a dynamic flowing expression of optimal well being.

Early in our life, from birth to puberty, our bodies are growing rapidly. Our physiology is designed for helping us to achieve a full grown, strong body. During this first phase of life, Ayurvedai defines health as the formation of healthy tissues in the body. During this period the body needs foods that are deeply nourishing. These foods are heavy and contain an abundance of the earth element. Foods such as milk, nuts and grains are very important. These foods support the building of bodily tissue. Too much of these foods however leads to building too much tissue. These children become overweight. Hence, it is important that children learn not to overindulge. Rarely however, do high quality heavy foods cause children to become overweight.

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Meditation for Physical Healing and Spiritual Awareness

Join Reverend Ryan Strong's Summer Meditation series. For beginners or experienced meditators, Rev. Strong will cover the philosophy and science of meditation, and will teach techniques and practices that will strengthen and deepen your daily practice of contemplative meditation.

Summer Schedule of classes:

June 25th

July 30th

August 27th

Classes are from 6-7pm.

Donation basis.

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