Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist 1: Clinical Theory

Advanced ayurvedic course

Teaching Mary700 hours

 This program is entirely academic and is the pre-requisite for the College's Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist internship program, with a focus on preventative medicine and clinical ayurvedic medicine. This program is also a pre-requisite for the Ayurvedic Doctor Program.

Classes and Curriculum

Students will study the classical and modern interpretations in the management of each system of the body and related diseases from an Ayurvedic perspective. Students perform projects and work with case studies as part of the learning experience. The program integrates extensive additional study of herbal medicine and practice designing herbal formulations.


Students must first complete AHC1 and have completed a college-level course in Western Anatomy and Physiology. This course may be completed through CCA, on-line or though a community college.

Grass Valley


This program is offered at our Grass Valley/Nevada City (Northern California) location and is also broadcast live over the internet for viewing anywhere in the world. This program may also be completed through Distance Learning (see Ayurveda Online)


This program is available in the classroom, live over the internet and through distance learning.


Please see the college's catalog for current tuition rates.

Students who have completed this program are encouraged to continue into internship Ayurveda internship programs. These programs lead to practitioner certification as either an Ayurvedic Health Counselor or Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist.

Overview of the CAS part 1 program.

Dr. Halpern discusses the CAS part 1 program and answers questions about it.