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April 15 -1 8, 2010 
The website is LIVE for registration and information about the next NAMA conference. NAMA members registering prior to November 30, 2009, receive the lowest possible rate for the conference tuition. Visit the NAMA Conference Website


    It's difficult to believe that it has been nearly one year since the 2008 conference and it is just over six months until the next gathering of the Ayurvedic community at the upcoming NAMA conference. The theme, Ayurveda:  Complementary Global Medicine, provides a platform for discussing our passions, goals, and prospects for increased involvement in the health of this country and beyond. 


2011 NAMA Conference

The website for the 2011 conference is up and awaiting your registration! The 2010 Conference was an excellent opportunity for the Ayurvedic Community to come together. Now, in just six months, you will have that opportunity once again! Be sure to register before November 30, 2010 to get the early bird rate which is the lowest rate possible.

This coming conference's theme is: Healthy Body, Healthy Brain, Higher Consciousness Through Ayurveda. Visit for details!

Looking forward to seeing many of you there!!

Devi M

Ayurveda and NAMA conference

Hi, I have read all posts. and I want to the berifly information about the Ayurveda. And tell me about teh proper knowledge for NAMA conference. What is trhe NAMA?

NAMA Conference

Can anyone tell me a little more in detail of what the NAMA conference is all about? If you attended the last one tell me about how you enjoyed it and where it was? Please respond. Thank You! Namaste!

Classes in Cerritos, CA

I attended my first class yesterday at the Cerritos Campus which was totally awesome! I know that this is the true path for me to connect to myself and then humanity with the information, faith, patience, respect, compassion and non-judgment I already have that I believe will continue to blossom through these experiences.

I want to welcom my classmates and thank the founder and teachers for sharing and traveling together through this journey in search of self-discovery and remind myself and everyone else that all knowledge comes from God and we should never forget that whatever we have is a gift from God regardless of how it comes to us.

Last, I pray that all of us who chose to partake in this field will continue to help others realize and understand who they are and learn how to heal themselves from the inside out before they begin to help others learn to heal. It begins with the "Self."
May God bestow His blessings upon us and grant us the ability to make a difference in our lives, the lives of our families and in humanity.

I truly believe this is a gift from God!!! Through Ayurveda our possibilities are being expanded. Thank you Dr. Marc Halpern for your vision and Marisa for your direction towards the path of our journey.


Usability of new site

I really love the new site and I think it is more user friendly, however, I am not sure how to use the forums or to get to the active forums to leave a comment? That is why you see these different topics all here in this one forum.

It does not allow me to start a new forum or to get to post my comments wher I see other comments posted for example on the Usability of the new web site or possibly I just an unaware of how to post things where they belong, can anyone help me out with this?