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Current Interns Accepting Patients


AHP Interns - Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, works with diet and lifestyle changes as well as the digestive and mind systems.

CAS Resident/Interns - Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, works with the above as well as management of all diseases.

Donna Brower

AHP Intern (Diet, Lifestyle, Herbal Formulas)
Ayurvedic Awakening
3815 Barberry Court, Cumming GA
818.398.3776 (under construction)

Haven Bundy

AHP Intern & Ayurvedic Bodyworker
Forma Spa
5434 Thornwood Dr. San Jose, CA 94123
(408) 363-1010

Penelope Diamanti

AHP Intern Ayurvedic Consulting
Still Point Spa
Takoma Park, MD 20912

Gwendolynn Diaz

AHP Intern
Nevada City, CA 95945

Anna Lachmuth

AHP Intern, yoga instructor, ayurvedic body worker, pancha karma assistant
Victoria, V8W 1J8


If you are an intern and your information is not included or needs correction, please contact:

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